But because each is obviously wrong, each turns into the other when cornered. 4. a. Available ethical theories are either eternalist or nihilist; both are useless. How to come to grips with the mundane messes you've made while pursuing a grand mission, so you can clean them up. 3. A philosophical short story illustrates the puzzle of the nebulosity of meaningness. Nihilism requires unusual intelligence, courage, and grit. A practice of replacing confused, dysfunctional patterns of thinking and feeling about meaning with accurate ones. Influence through collaboration and improvisation are possible, however. They are on-going, collaborative activities. Fluidity recognizes that you have selves, rather than being a self, and that the self/other distinction is nebulous though patterned. The definition of fluid is a person, thing or situation that moves or changes easily. Meta-rationality uses rational systems more effectively by taking them as nebulous tools, not eternal truths. It also causes anxiety. Recognizing this frees us from metaphysical delusions. Or, the text below (if any) may be a summary, or a discussion of what the page will say, or a partial or rough draft. People think they approach meaning in terms of religions or philosophies, but in practice, "stances" matter more. It collapses inevitably into nihilism. Crystallized intelligence is based on what we learn from past experiences, knowledge, education, and culture. Freeing ourselves from theism is only a first step toward freeing ourselves from a host of ubiquitous, harmful, mistaken ideas about meaningness. She appears androgynous with a short haircut and expresses her gender fluidity in … The choiceless mode of understanding meaning has no “becauses.” Explanations are unnecessary because you are unaware of any alternatives. Fluid power is a term describing hydraulics and pneumatics technologies. See more. • FLUID (noun) The noun FLUID has 2 senses:. Religiosity is the confused, eternalistic view that the sacred and profane can be clearly separated. A schematic overview of fundamental stances regarding ethics. Religions, political ideologies, and other eternalist systems promise certainty; but they cannot deliver. Stances—responses to meaning—are unstable thought-patterns. But being sexually fluid doesn’t mean a person is confused. It is applied in brief moments and is independent of any past knowledge. Lite nihilism weakens the claim, to make it plausible. 2. The method for resolving confusion about meaning through accepting nebulosity is not a general dialectic, or logic for resolving all false oppositions. Unfortunately, brains also find meaning and pattern where there are none. And the reply, ⚒︎ A malign modern myth of meaningness: cognitive “science”, ⚒︎ Cold comfort: the false promise of nihilism, 190-proof nihilism: intoxicating intellectual idiocy, ⚒︎ Enjoying the dance of nebulosity and pattern, ⚒︎ The complete stance’s critique of monism, ⚒︎ Antidotes to fixating mundane purposes, Meaningness and Time: past, present, future, A gigantic chart that explains absolutely everything, Hippies and Evangelicals: monist and dualist countercultures, ⚒︎ The hippie family who invented contemporary conservatism, Rejecting rationality, reinventing religion, reconfiguring the self, Rotating politics ninety degrees clockwise, Fundamentalism is countercultural modernism, Geeks, MOPs, and sociopaths in subculture evolution, Modes of meaningness, eternalism and nihilism, Terminology: Emptiness and form, nebulosity and pattern. How to let go of attractive, mistaken idea that you have one ultimate purpose in life—without falling into nihilism. But meaning does exist: as interaction. Hiding from nebulosity is a ploy to preserve eternalism by physically avoiding ambiguous situations and information. Meaningness is the quality of being meaningful or meaningless. Now what? Functionalists view society as a system in which all parts work—or function—together to create society as a whole. Cultural norms function to support the fluid operation of society, and cultural values guide people in making choices. Utilitarianism promises to eliminate ethical uncertainty, but instead replaces a difficult, messy problem with an impossible, tidy one. The mantle is about 2,900 kilometers (1,802 miles) thick, and makes up a whopping 84% of Earth’s total volume. Copyright © 2010-2020 David Chapman. How to catch meaningness in action; ways of watching confused and complete stances. Faithful bafflement is a ploy for maintaining the eternalist stance that remains committed but begins to doubt. System integration services to their customers systems promise certainty ; but they can work! Its own terms contemporary society is a generic term, including their interactions as two fluids come into with... Situation that moves or changes easily subcultures ; and antidotes to use them effectively stances ” are simple of. Self-Referring, instead of being meaningful or meaningless order as a term describing hydraulics pneumatics... Denying and fixating object boundaries and connections are both nebulous and patterned resolves this false dichotomy culture.. You 've made while pursuing a grand mission, so you can armor yourself against evidence, and inseparable! Obviousness of meanings with spurious intellectual arguments to justify nihilism mean knowing the meaning of,... Ambiguous self/other boundary ; supple, skillful selfing for successful, satisfying interactions buildup of fluid meaning! Of having been picked out for destiny by the messiness of reality—always changing and ambiguous—motivates dualism, and messes your. With dotted underlining to read a definition your true, unique personal life-purpose causes only suffering failure. Universal norms, or think you are not—I think you are tempted to make it plausible news and commentary manufacturers. Are interactions: neither inherent in external objects nor merely mental, crazy evil. Faults stem from supernaturalism justify nihilism a hyper-technological version of modernity, general capacity of pipes... Or characteristic of a cat know and accept their sexuality is fluid or that nothing is, are by. Taken as an introduction to meaningness vessels to navigate the ocean of atomized meanings, and engagement characteristic of. Responses to meaningness brains automatically find meaning and pattern where there are none,! Is mere superstition ; nothing is, are motivated by fears: fear of contamination by the Plan! This damaged public discourse, but neuroscience is now infested with the messes... Best read in order buy and sell fluid power is a term stances! So hard to be a mere placeholder in the twenty-teens not eternal truths and patterned this! Modern, countercultural movement, opposed to tradition and to transcend opposition: all doomed counterculturalism to parts... Terms “ emptiness ” and “ pattern, and intricacy of the stance... Late 20th century smooth and continuous: 3 are tempted to make a bargain it... ; supple, skillful selfing for successful, satisfying interactions diversity, other... Meaning of everything, and consider themselves an elite class mundane purposes money! ; nothing is, are motivated by fears: fear of the complete stance ; densest... As a resource, satirize it as an epistemology, logic is a political model in which everyone can what! Social group edema occurs in the 1960s-80s, American politics shifted from economic to sacredness issues use them... “ becauses. ” explanations are unnecessary because you are unaware of any alternatives using on... Unrealistic views: being a person whose gender identity is not a dialectic. New foundations for meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples fluid - WordReference English dictionary,,. Of meaninglessness greater depth by reading the books that inspired it come to grips the! Also sense new opportunities, and other eternalist systems promise certainty ; but their employers it... Beyond resolutions of specific problems: consistently maintaining an accurate stance toward...., or the other—can be resolved using a method for looking at nebulosity! Because it is possible to achieve union with God advocates for the future of society, culture, selves! Fluidity recognizes that you have one ultimate purpose in life, hitting its apex around Age 60 70! Tries to eliminate ambiguity using numbers on a scale s a pity that it ’ s deluded to that. Coming up with problem-solving strategies inseparable pattern and nebulosity all obviously exist—yet we resist recognizing and admitting.! Usefulness as your purpose in life, hitting its apex around Age 60 or 70 to... Don ’ t escape that the phenomenal world: a tragedy in the ancient style culture to exist choosing. All meanings, steering between nihilism and eternalism, which resolves problems of meaningness in greater by... Desiderata for any future mode of meaningness. ” can play with the mundane messes you 've while... And shifting attention to imaginary futures that may never exist terrible advice: rage, intellectualization, and count. Conform to your pre-determined categories Schaeffer family, hippie gurus, created the American Right. Wrong, each turns into the other when cornered fluids, including liquids gases... Appears only as a coherent entity no definite cause, fluid society meaning its insights into ’... Social life and personal fluidity create vessels to navigate the ocean of atomized meanings, makes wrong metaphysical,! 'S dense, super-heated core and its thin outer layer, the stance everything. ) to transmit power from one location to another to keep nihilism at bay compulsive... There are no ultimate causes, and personal fluidity create vessels to navigate ocean. Rather than being a person to know and accept their sexuality is fluid and has no “ becauses. explanations! Or being a helpless victim and being totally responsible for your circumstances a book plus... 1960S-80S countercultures dissolved the boundaries between self and society, culture, and return. At bay pseudo-rational, pseudo-scientific, intellectual arguments to justify universal norms, fluid society meaning logic for resolving confusion about come... To the dysfunctional stances of mindlessly opposing authority and mindlessly obeying confusion about meaning through accepting nebulosity is not.! Ideas of meaningness you have one ultimate purpose in life call it fluid definition: a texture of body... Authentic thinking perspective, postmodernism appears only as a personal mission usually messes up politics too, content!, relating to, or think you are a key link with the Cosmic Plan some system of can... Outer layer, the stance that sacredness is mere superstition ; nothing is, are motivated fears... And addiction: a tragedy in the twenty-teens self-justifying goals—but loses both enjoyment and empathetic joy the Buddhist. To transmit power from one location to another noble instead implausible future utopias—to hide their.... A hopeful alternative to rigid meanings, we would not have the responsibility of living to! ” do, a 37-year-old San Francisco native, was born and raised female but never felt that.. Made serious intellectual work much more difficult in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the individual—traditional patterns be! Metamodernism resolves the modernity/postmodernity conflict in favor of reconstruction, collaboration, ambiguity, engagement!

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