Darkvision is always nice, and Nimble Climber is a good substitution for Flight until midgame. Surprisingly, this is a really good one. Click Here to Listen on Spotify! That just means you have to roll a 10 and end any spell in the game! You have to carefully consider your selection as you pick from the largest spell list of any 5th edition spellcaster. We’ll also explore arcane traditions, spells, and more. This way, you quarter damage from Fireballs, and halve it if you fail the save. Firstly, your reaction is kinda important. At level 2, this health shield will probably have 7 HP. Githzerai rely on Mage Armor, but give you advantage against mental effects instead. Will you be respected by an adventuring party as much as you are by churches or cities? In point of fact, let's tank up your wizard. […], Ready to have an army of dead at your side in your next campaign? The Player’s Handbook introduced all 8 schools of magic as focuses for the Wizard. You do not, under any circumstances, want to lose Counterspell or Dispel Magic by waiting for a spellbook to drop into your lap. You learn spells a lot slower than everyone else with a 2 level dip, and if you go more than that you completely miss out on having the ability to cast shield for free all the time at level 18. We’ll give you the info you need to make the most effective wizard under the current rules. Be safe, and then sorry if it ended up being just Scorching Ray or something. If you’re not worried about taking damage, then make your Cleric love you by making their job easier. This ability is all-new, but…, Now, if that wasn’t enough, you also resist the damage of those spells you have Advantage against. Fireball is going to be your best damage spell for a long time, and you are THE counterpseller. Most abjuration goodies also come at laterish levels, such as godly counterspelling, resistance to magic, etc. At level 2, you actually get a really strong ability to defend yourself with. The wizards that do focus on Abjuration are problem solvers. Or, you take half damage against Finger of Death, which kills your character instantly if it does too much damage. And don’t even get me started about spells like Maze! School of Conjuration Wizard 5E Guide | Rules, Tips, Builds, and More, The Best White Gaming Mouse in 2020 | Reviews + Buyers Guide, Want a shadow-sneaking murder machine for your next D&D character? The Armor of Shadows invocation + the Armor of Agathys spell are amazing for abjuration wizards. By level 20, you’ll have 45 or 46 health to work with. The Player’s Handbook introduced all 8 schools of magic as focuses for the Wizard. Here is a build where you get in deep and dirty in the middle of entire mobs of enemies without taking a scratch… and killing the mobs while you’re at it. Even so, you’ll need to learn the basics. Will you be respected by an adventuring party as much as you are by churches or cities? Afterwards, both Dexterity and Constitution are important; your AC, your health, and your saves rely on those two. Not amazing, but you get free proficiency in Medium Armor. They are there to exorcise demons, counter magical catastrophes, and close portals. It’s Mage Armor. At level 6, you gain a bit of a side-grade as your Ward flies across the battlefield. Other options include haste instead of blink just smacking enemies with a staff and using dodge action for your natural action. You could also find situational good spells, like Stoneskin or Remove Curse, both really strong wizard spells in the right campaigns. I personally recommend using your 1st level slot picks for lots of rituals and utility, as a lot of the 1st level damaging spells probably won't be upcast since they aren't as good. A 7 can end a level 9 spell… using a level 3 one.

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