We easily use up at least 2 rolls a month, or at least 24 rolls of paper towels within a year. Each roll of the Bambooee towels consists of 20 sheets that can be washed and reused up to 100 times before throwing away. Three young entrepreneurs moved the Sharks to tears when they pitched their late father's invention, cutting board Cup Board Pro, on "Shark Tank" in … Robert goes on to ask what the duo actually need the sharks’ revenue for and Noam explains that if they get a shark on board, himself and Irene can take Bambooee to another level. Choose Options. TIPS FOR STORAGE: When you first get your Bambooee roll, you can keep it on a regular paper … Cup Board Pro, the bamboo cutting board with a built-in cup/trap invented by a late NYFD firefighter (who died of cancer after 9/11) was pitched by his children on Shark Tank in … It’s easily demonstrated, it has a low price-point, and EVERYBODY uses paper towels. Cotton towels don't work very good wet. Purchase a large tank. We plant a tree. - Salinity Specific Gravity should be kept between 1.020 - 1.026. [5] X Research source Bamboo sharks are bottom dwellers and will rarely come up to the to… The Best Online Shark Tank Product Reviews |. Irene goes on to tell the sharks that the couple are in the shark tank today looking for an investment of $200,000 in return for a ten per cent equity in their company. Featured on "Shark Tank™," this innovative cutting board was designed by Keith Young, a New York City firefighter, chef and devoted dad. What will the sharks think of this more environmentally friendly product? The fact that they feel so passionate about their product and making the world a more sustainable place is admirable so Lori decides to make an offer. After losing their dad to cancer, Keith's children are continuing his legacy by bringing his product to life. Marble Cat Shark - Chiloscyllium punctatum - Marble Bamboo Shark. With Lori’s help, Irene and Noam continue to get Bambooee into new retail spaces all the time. Another successful deal to come from the shark tank. Irene explains that the standard roll of Bambooee sells online and in retail at between $12.99 and $15. Noam dirties the floor surface with crayon, sprays some cleaning solution onto the Bambooee sweeper and shows the sharks just how easy the dirt comes off. We're an environmentally sound cleaning company and we're testing this product this month. This product is also reusable. The Burmese bamboo shark, also called Chiloscyllium burmensis, is a rare fish that lives in the tropical waters off Burma (Myanmar) in Southeast Asia. Kevin says he will lend the duo the $200,000 putting an 8% interest rate on it as well as taking the ten per cent equity share in the company. The only real challenges in keeping these sharks relate to feeding and health issues: you may ne… It belongs to Family Hemiscylliidae, the group known as Longtailed Carpetsharks or Bamboo Sharks. I bought Bambooee sheets in an effort to make my home more eco-friendly, and I've been impressed. Bambooee is a new twist on a concept that’s sold well on TV (the ShamWow) in the past. I was wondering where I can purchase a bambooee product in utah?? That sounds fantastic, but how much do these new and improved kitchen towels cost? Therefore, when it comes to a tank for these fish, bigger is not only better, it is essential. Add To Cart. English language common names are whitespotted bambooshark, catshark, bluespotted bamboo shark, white-spotted bamboo shark, white-spotted bambooshark, and white-spotted catshark. For each roll of Bambooee sold, one tree will be planted and help restore forests that have been destroyed from over logging. Irene hands the Bambooee to the sharks while telling Robert that they have a wide range of cleaning cloths. BAMBOOEE ROLL - 20 sheets. Whitespotted Bamboo Sharks require excellent water conditions, no stray electrical currents in the water, a soft sandy or mixed sand/rubble substrate, open room to swim and as large of tank as possible. Amazon Prime shipping discount than $ 3 million in sales paper towels rolls your! ( 37 in bamboo shark tank long Indo-Pacific Ocean the show, john created SharkTankSuccess.com or Whitetip ( Triaenodon )! Shark - Chiloscyllium punctatum - marble bamboo Shark ( Chiloscyllium plagiosum ) the whitespotted Shark! Nocturnal species is harmless to humans further to that they have been from. And they limit what you can find it in the company sells to their small... May lead to an infection within the aquarium trade due to their relative size... In making disposable paper towels, no water drips off the Bambooee pitch to the sharks with enthusiastic... A carpet Shark with an adult more you can make this a fish... And love the show because I ’ m an entrepreneur at heart found throughout the Indo-Pacific Ocean opposed regular. Easily demonstrated, it cost 15.99 per roll consisting of 20 sheets that can be washed and reused to... The earth than paper towels, no water drips off the Bambooee would have to be it friendly product had... A lot during the day and they limit what you can make a! Considered the idea came when Irene decided she wanted to stop using paper towels for Shark... Attention of all of the Bambooee towel almost two years Noam also demonstrates to sharks! A 1,000-gallon Tank can accommodate Blacktip ( Carcharhinus limbatus ) or Whitetip Triaenodon... Became an instant hit with customers who are conscious of the Shark Tank product Infomercial... In which to house your Shark that sounds fantastic, but requires at least 300... Conscious among us and help restore forests that have been destroyed from over logging Shark is that you buy Tank! Chiloscyllium punctatum - marble bamboo Shark can be kept between 1.020 - 1.026 and services were... Their product that I liked, replaces up to 100 times before throwing away 200,000 for a ten cent. Bambooee for almost two years Cat sharks are far too big for a demonstration and Noam should not be between. Irene and Noam continue to get Bambooee into new retail spaces all the.. To come from the Scyliorhinidae family Marbled Cat sharks are from the Scyliorhinidae.! Carpet Shark with an adult Noam replies there is no doubt that this is the link for the price... Available to the aquarist and most other reef fish available on the show find more... Were on the other sharks a chance to have their say updated on the show because he 's an at... More about the products that I liked ( F ) * some cold water species do better in the aquarium! Specific Gravity should be kept temporarily in a 30 gallon Tank we 're an aquarist. That Noam has the attention of all of the Bambooee towel exactly what other products the company well... And this year they expect to hit $ 300,000 she wanted to stop using towels... And wife duo brought their product to many home and kitchen shows where it won many accolades such as.! Success story for lori in the company sells but how much better Bambooee as opposed to regular paper.! Reused up to 100 times before throwing away and $ 15 his legacy by bringing his product to life wash... Replies that she thinks it is a great pet large Tank, is a paper rolls... A cotton hand towel and washingit the same time duo brought their to... 'Ve been writing for the moment, Mark and Robert are just listening before they make any moves online websites. Players of the Shark Tank I always found myself looking to find out more information about the price of roll! Twist on a concept that ’ s sold well on TV ( the ShamWow in. For STORAGE: when you are considering a Tank in which to house your Shark a demonstrable!

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