Could do with more Guardian parts mind, so next we're going to try the Decrypting Guardian logs mission. hide. Mumbo's Guardian Farm. This is my design of a guardian farm so I had to make it up. Not me, but this touched my heart. 90.5k . Nov 24, 2018 #1 I'm back again with my brand new villager and guardian grinder using the drop mechanic. 100% Upvoted. Sort by. report. So don't tell me that this didn't take me forever to design, it might take you a few minutes to build from looking at a screenshot of my design because you aren't designing it... View entire discussion ( 5 comments) More posts from the Minecraft community. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast . We thought we'd do that separate from the ruins mission, as that one requires Thargoid samples and probes etc, and if something went badly wrong … Posted by. best. 13. for the overworld: everything you mentioned plus ice farm, witch farm, tree farm (all 6 types), slime farm, squid farm, spawner-cage farm, general mob farm, guardian farm, flower farm, double flower farm, fern farm, mushroom farm, stone farm, cobblestone farm, huge mushroom farm, wool farm, chorus farm, passive mob farm. Social. You'll come across a few Guardian sites along the way as well, and without even farming those, I've got a fair bit of Guardian tech parts. LetsPlay. 21 comments. I'll take this part straight from the video description because it's pretty straight forward: * Make sure the drop chute … This thread is archived. Who made that design and is there a tutorial for it? save. L. LimaCharlie New member. [Schematica] Upgraded and Dual Purpose Guardian/Villager Farm. Close. Browse and download Minecraft Schematics Maps by the Planet Minecraft community. Team Jellie. Discussion. Media. 3 years ago. Posted by 1 day ago. share. Archived. Thread starter LimaCharlie; Start date Nov 24, 2018; Forums. Discussion. Mumbo's Guardian Farm. Does anybody know what design he used for the project?

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