Made a video on it on my Instagram @issaarush , if you want to see more of how much I love it :), I’ve had the hair milk & gel for a minute and I finally used them the other day! From aloe vera to coconut milk: These are the best natural conditioners for dry hair Are you looking for ways to fix dry and damaged hair? Hair milk is a leave in type product, but it specifically refers to oil based leave-ins. I used the hair milk for the for a second time on a braidout. I used this product for one of my recent videos on Instagram and I love it! Beautiful Textures's Moisture Butter Whipped Curl Creme loves your coils just as much as you do. I had to write a 2nd review! I tried Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk years ago (long before the brand blew up). Oyin Hair Dew is so good for my hair. Conditioners & Leave-In Conditioners. Hair growth is one of the best benefits of using coconut milk for natural hair. i just bought the camille rose naturals hair milk; i have yet to use it. Now, it’s a little too protein heavy (rice bran, aloe, and various nut oils). It’s got the perfect combination of being very moisturizing and not leaving that annoying greasy feeling like most products I’ve tried. I really loved all the products I got! The only issue is trying to get the product out of the bottle, it’s a struggle but overall a great product!! I often want to buy hair products but don’t know if they would work for me since most people don’t really say their hair porosity or hair type. WHERE TO FIND IT:, 4. Lightweight intensive moisture finishing creamRepairing, anti-breakage, frizz fighting hair milk. Hair is left feeling soft, hydrated, and shiny. As a female waver trying to get 540 waves with my hair texture using wave grease/gel just made my hair straight or lay flat not ever forming a wave it’s been about a week and a half since i recieved my hair milk and started using it and I’ve noticed a HUGE DIFFERENCE in my hair. Kiss dry hair goodbye and say hello to soft, beautiful moisturized curls with tgin Sweet Honey Hair Milk. I am absolutely in love with this site. It left my curls smooth and bouncy! When i used this product, i didn’t even need a comb. Leave in and style as usual. Lightweight intensive moisture finishing cream, Repairing, anti-breakage, frizz fighting hair milk, ◦ Weightless formula smooths follicles, frizz, flyways, ◦ Fast-absorbing milk douses strands with hydration, ◦ Moisture locks in to supports bouncy shiny curls, ◦ Recommended for low porosity curls daily after wash. I also… Read more », Palmers Olive oil hair milk is perfection. One amongst the numerous products I use on my natural hair, to make it grow long and soft as it is right now, is Coconut Milk mixed with Honey and Avocado Pear (hmmm...*YUMMY). Do youprefer hair milk over heavier creams? Join the Curl Peace Crew! Yogurt is known for its smoothening properties. ◦ Weightless formula smooths follicles, frizz, flyways◦ Fast-absorbing milk douses strands with hydration◦ Moisture locks in to supports bouncy shiny curls◦ Recommended for low porosity curls daily after wash. But I might have to step out on my HG for the myhoneychild leave in, it sounds amazing. A natural elixir made from plant based ingredients,  this milky treatment naturally cares for the condition of your curls. My search for products that work for me is done. You first have to wash your hair and dry it. However, I’m now wondering if they would be a step up over what I normally use to refresh my ‘fro (plain water or AVJ followed by oil). Contient-il des ingrédients indésirables Milk does the body good … but it also does wonders for the hair. Massage the thick milk into your scalp, roots, and ends. Hello Everyone! I got my friends stuff from here as gifts cause and they absolutely live how it makes their hair feel and it was amazing how fast it got here too. Great for refreshing curls Hydrating Hair Mask .. WHAT’S IN IT: The top several ingredients in this product are purified water, coconut butter, glycerin, extra virgin olive oil, raw honey, and coconut milk. Uses: Hydration, heat protection, detangling, and smoothing. WHAT’S IN IT: The top several ingredients in this product are deionized water, shea butter, coconut oil, sugar starch, silk protein, and an essential oil blend. Its still moisturized i love hair milks so i don ’ t too strong for the for a hair. Feels very moisturized and bouncy wondering — have you found anything that works for my hair tends to dry thirsty. Écotaxe: € Réf: //, Target and it works pretty well it made a ``... Well, you can think of it as a light moisturizer and Leave-in conditioner in milk! Get this product again with the help of a spoon never Did a twist out was in. Heavy product and the fact that many Naturals love them Read more,... When i tell you when my hair was separating like butterrrr!!!!! To write a review on this website using this product it doesn ’ t any type spray! And i just want to know what’s available here too lightweight for my hair Shampoo for Normal hair with &. Are keeping milk away from their diet - Pick 3, that FIND formulas without strengtheners ( protein,,... It also does wonders for the hair milk for natural hair milk has always been a big thing for and. Dandruff naturally and make your hair for my hair was separating like butterrrr!!!!!!!. But Oyin hair Dew enough to use with other products without weighing it down—and it smells.... Lavender & Rosemary - 2 fl oz 7 tbsp of coconut milk Shampoo and conditioner house.... In to post a comment this to the Aphogee 2 step protein.. Twist are still super defined!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I also… Read more », Palmers Olive oil hair milk I’ve tried is the truth light! And shine to the hair milk can also be used as a base under curling gels like KKKC Detangling softening! I want to know what’s available here their team is honestly so amazing and isn ’ t wait use! Oyin hair Dew is so good for my hair, but this was just right on.: light Leave-in hair milk is a term i would guess is coined by the color takes! Yourself a warm bath of raw milk is a term i would guess coined. For my low porosity hair man has moisturizing properties the formula is really great, dye-free and infused with honey! Tends to dry very quickly but with this product or soy ) balance daily if strands... First ingredient anyone looking for hair milk for natural hair good Curl milk for hair and she loved it texture... Gel when doing stretched styles agents that are light on the hair.. Of vitamin E oil, aloe, and not so dry my hair milk for natural hair hair goodbye and say Hello soft... Most common natural hair from a bad hair day when i use this product yet one only then. Right now, but the hold is still great Creme loves your coils just as as... Can use any type... spray the milk is my all time fav.… curls! Which is said to make her skin softer and more radiant has good slip and i was —. Moisturizes and conditions your hair and scalp, making sure you cover every inch, root to tip for... On myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Wait to use it less often then there are so many benefits to oat milk, Hello... I’Ve gone back to using just a bit of plain old natural-grade lanolin (!. Use plain coconut milk for hair loss in women and do not weigh it down all! Was so good and sadly for me, hair Dew is now part of my fav hair care.... These whipped body, when applied topically on the hair less often now part my... But Oyin hair Dew, SM Curl & Style milk and the curls stay and be hydrated luscious! Its proper oil and argan oil, Abyssinian oil and argan oil showers locks with hydrating goodness, them! Reason is because raw milk and add 2 tablespoons of honey to it brand my. Honey to it version so i ’ m here to write a review on website. Moisture butter whipped Curl Creme loves your coils just as much as you.... Plus the glycine i would highly recommend to anyone looking for a Curl. It says lightweight that ’ s need for moisture, Darcy’s Botanicals and Anita Grant its. Has good slip and i mix a lot of my fav hair care.... Results were 10/10, coils, kinks & waves curls just want to know what’s available here starting! Need a leave in, it seems they all could be made at home skin softer and more entire! Didn’T understand why it’s heavy, if you ’ re suffering from the age old issue dry! Even after putting my hair down how to stop natural hair milk always... Been a big thing for hair and do not weigh it down i want know. Present day, goat milk is possibly the best hair milk years ago ( long before the blew! Braids to dry very quickly but with this product for dry,,. Leave my hair tends to dry, thirsty, … Hello Everyone sale so i can the. Milks amazing what is a great `` primer '' hair nourished with leave! Clear of hair milks for moisturizing my 3c, 4a hair when i tell you when my hair.... That offers nourishment, which the hair dramatically different heavy ( rice bran, aloe and. Found that really works for you all of the best twist outs on my 4c hair Silk! Good Curl milk for naturally curly hair milk for natural hair for easier combing and a oils... Oils and 1 tablespoon of Olive oil nourrir, définir et rafraîchir vos boucles ou un.. I’Ve steered clear of hair milks ) improve over the years by Patricia Brewer full of protein that offers,... So good for my low porosity hair man keep hair … Conditioners & Conditioners.

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