All Rights Reserved. Shahrukh himself confirmed the news to the Daily Mail stating: “Yes, an Australian lady buys a little land on the moon … She has been buying it for a while now and I get these certificates from the Lunar Republic Society. The love SRK enjoys is always overwhelming and we wonder how he takes it all in. Interestingly, he is the only Indian actor who had bought a piece of land on the moon. Lunar Land offers Moon Land, Planet Mars, Planet Venus, Planet Mercury, and Planet Jupiter Moon IO. Fans of shahrukh khan had purchased a piece of land in his name on Moon. Daughter Surprises Her Dad With Unique Gift, Buys Plot of Land on Moon For Him For Father's Day. This Fan is a resident of Australia and loves and adores Shah Rukh unfathomably. I had given around Rs. A fan of Shah Rukh's gifts him a piece of land on the moon every year on his birthday. For breaking news and live news updates, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and Instagram. And, each year November 2, i.e. Shah Rukh Khan’s Fan Gifts Him Land On Moon Each Year. Shah Rukh Khan revealed that an Australian women buys a piece of land on the moon for the actor every year. BTW, back in 2009, … (@iamraj4srk) November 1, 2017, “An Australian lady buys a little land on the moon for me every year on my birthday. Actor Shahrukh Khan has apparently been gifted a piece of Moon land from a … The actor, who committed suicide on Sunday, did not own propoerties on Earth, but had also gone on to buy a piece of land on the moon. Shahrukh Khan ਦ ਪ ਰਸ ਸਕ ਜ ਣਦ ਹ ਣਗ ਕ ਚ ਦ 'ਤ ਸ ਹਰ ਖ ਖ ਨ ਦ ਨ ਕਈ ਏਕੜ ਜ ਮ ਨ ਹ । ਖ ਸ ਗ ਲ ਇਹ ਹ ਕ ਸ ਹਰ ਖ ਖ ਨ ਨ ਇਹ ਜ ਮ ਨ ਖ ਰ ਦ ਨਹ ਹ ਸਗ ਇਕ ਪ ਰਸ ਸਕ ਉਨ ਹ ਦ ਹਰ ਜਨਮ ਦ ਨ 'ਤ ਚ ਦ Menu Join Lunar Land Owners around the world by buying your own acre of lunar land on the Moon. Several celebrities like Pandit Jasraj and Shahrukh Khan have been gifted this and Land On The Moon has even been purchased by the Hilton and Mariott Hotels! Tweeple Condemn Food Wastage At Desi Weddings, Urge Others To Take As Much As They Can Eat, Like A Scene From A Movie, Chennai Cop Chases & Catches Phone Snatchers Riding Stolen Bike, Mumbai Man Selling Books For ₹10 Declines Financial Aid As He’s Happy He Gets To Read Books, 30 Thieves Rob A Bank ‘Money Heist’ Style, Send Cash Floating In Air Before Escaping, See Videos, Desi Twitter Reacts To Pic Of ‘Potato Sack Pants’, Says ‘Mummy Na Dekh Le!’. Tuesday Trivia: Did you know Shah Rukh Khan owns a piece of land on the moon? She writes me colourful emails (in the sense one line is red, one is blue and so on). “In the news, we saw many big people like Shah Rukh Khan, recently deceased actor Sushant Singh Rajput, and others who bought land on the moon, after which I started collecting information about it. Bush, Jimmy Carter and … Buy your very own piece of the moon. Shahrukh Khan Bought A Land On Moon Here Is The Interesting Secret Behind It! his birthday, is a day which ain’t anything less than a fest for the crazy fans. Why buy a star name — your Moon Acre gift can be seen almost any night! Charmer for some, witty for all, Shah Rukh Khan‘s enigmatic personality leaves everyone impressed. After Zero star Shah Rukh Khan, now this Bollywood star bought land on the moon LATEST 15 I want him to always be first with everything… For his birthday in 2002, I had a star in the Scorpius constellation named after him, (which was also a first for a Hindi hero) and the Moon idea was to follow the ASOKA theme of the Sun, the Moon and the Stars. He's sold plots on the moon to three former presidents (George H.W. Quiz: If You Guess Every Accessory Worn By Desi Brides, Toh Fashionista Ho Tum! She has been buying it for a while now and I get these certificates from the Lunar Republic Society.” He reportedly used to charge between Rs 5-7 crore for a movie. The crater is … Sushant Singh Rajput purchases a piece of land on the moon. After a lot of online paperwork, I got a message on July 4, 2020, that my deed had been completed,”. Also Read - Daughter Surprises Her Dad With Unique Gift, Buys Plot of Land on Moon For Him For Father's Day! This gift is widely popular in several countries and is now available in India as a pre-registered direct import. At Rs 2,500 per acre, Shah Rukh even owns part of the moon, as a gift from his very loyal fan. It doesn’t pay to sit around and wait”. Among other Indians who claim to have plots on the Moon include Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. BTW, back in 2009, 1 acre (approximately 43,560 sq ft, or 4,047 sq mtrs) cost around US $37.50 (Rs 1758.75). The actor sat in a model of the lunar vehicle which was brought over by Cernan. Shah Rukh has shown me such respect and gratitude for what I have done for him that he will always be my hero.”, SRK @iamsrk was gifted two plots on Moon from his overseas Fans.One crater on Moon is named"Shah Rukh". Woman Gracefully Performs 6 Continuous Back-flips Wearing A Saree, Watch Video. His sentimental characters and down to earth nature could be the reason why his fans loved him so much. Notably, a crater … I came to know about the online sale and purchase of land on the moon by a US society ‘Luna Society International’,” Kumar told news agency ANI. Buy an acre of land on the moon at According to Lunar Registry, the Sea of Tranquility, is the sought-after area on the moon and SRK owns several acres there. Copyright © 2020. Meanwhile, Shah Rukh Khan was gifted the piece of the moon by a fan. Maybe for next birthday, I will have organised something to represent the Sun. Property on the moon Shah Rukh apparently owns a piece of land on the moon that was gifted to him by his Australian female fans. Crazy 4 Bollywood 20,535 views 1:56 What is the most expensive thing Shah Rukh Khan owns ? SRK @iamsrk 's names registered at the LUNAR Association on his name on the moon 🌙.

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