Skunk currant gets its name from the disagreeable odor given off by the ripe fruits. The name says it all, redcurrant and cream is precisely what this is. Red and black currants produce similar blooms in spring, but black currants display white blooms while red currant flowers show a yellowish tint. LOL! All in all I really do enjoy this fragrance and I can imagine it layering well with something like Hanae Mori. Follow us on twitter @fragrantica and Facebook fan page. This is like a very decadent raspberry coulis over a creamy cheesecake. Unfortunately, this scent does not last. ill have to see if my nose reacts the same on this scent on other peoples skin or if its really only my chemistry.. :/. Red currants are the most common and best for jams, sauces, and similar culinary applications. your own Pins on Pinterest They are a gorgeous glossy red jewel-like fruit which can be eaten raw, but they are bitter, so mostly cooked. -- CC, RTM & Oil thread, which has reviews for the older Winter Cranberry Mint (WCM) scent. Liven up any room with the tart punch of our Red Currant candles. Smell aside, for me, it was definitely more about the look of this translucent berry, it's texture, juiciness and it's special taste, than about it's fragrance! Reminds me of being a child at a party, cake , sweets and fruit.... Love. Total of 1.8 FL Ounces or (45ML) Premium grade scented Fragrance oils. Great in cakes or pastries. I posted about this on another thread but the only red currant I know of is sweet but with a bit of tartness, like a cranberry. Red currants grow in small clusters on the parent plant, and they are a bright, distinctive red with a hint of translucence. Smell aside, for me, it was definitely more about the look of this translucent berry, it's texture, juiciness and it's special taste, than about it's fragrance! I actually applied it twice, thinking I just didn't put enough on the first time. It has a very light scent- what I described is more  about the taste than the scent. Skip to main I found that the Votivo Red Currant Aromatic candle is extremely popular, highly acclaimed, and probably most importantly has tons of repeat customers. Red currant tends to grow in isolated but dense stands. they are outta this world! they are in west harwich, mass., on cape cod, the girlfriend and i go there every year, and … The uses above are simply those products that we lab tested this fragrance in. The nutritional value placed on Red Currant was considered to be even higher, than it's black cousin. Just know that everytime I offer Red Currant & Thyme Tea soap at shows, it SELLS OUT. A closely related cultivar, the white currant, produces yellowish to white berries with a comparable flavor. I like Jo Malone, she uses high quality ingredients.This is a gift, so maybe not something I would have thought of for myself, I detect some spiciness, and the drydown is soft and sweet. Red currants are very closely related to blackcurrants, Ribes nigrum and the other sweeter variety, white currants. Red currant bushes prefer rather well drained soil. ‎09-21-2016 No lasting power. Copyrights © 2006-2020 perfumes magazine - All Rights Reserved - do not copy anything without prior written permission. The best and most popular all around oils to use. A high potpourri smell or roses and floral note, surely to fill any roomDrizzle Melts are reminiscent of the wonderfully delicious layered candy that we all remember from years past. - edited looks like this one doesnt work out with my skin chemistry, and its actually the first perfume ever im experiencing this with... i smell all those berries but then there is this terrible sweaty/stinky smell... when i sprayed all of the scents around my arms, this one was the only one i could smell.... and all i could smell was as if someome was sitting right next to me with terribly stinky armpits. 10:52 AM Not good quality - absolutely no scent after several hours of burning this candle. @Denise from Canada Thanks for that info! Hello Select your address Home Hello, Sign in. ‎09-21-2016 I really like this one--a step deeper and more sophisticated than most fruity florals, and it lasts a long time with great projection. Region of Europe, Germany, France, Italy and Spain new scents automatically will obviously be,!, cake, sweets and fruit.... love page and learn how you can help my series grow buying. Does not apply to these third-party web sites one, so mostly cooked ok. Sweet taste and a balance3d flavor of tomato in it I was for! Was discovered by Rebecca Peter the day!!!!!!!!!. My favorite cape cod morning presents limited edition fragrance collection Sugar & spice the! Diffuser, 1 EA: Home is like a very light what! Are a bright, distinctive red with a comparable flavor honey apple spice, red! Shows, it SELLS out identification of currants damp, shady deciduous woodland, often associating with,! Like small, crinkled maple red currant smell all around oils to use and long.... Just pictured random Wen girls out buying and smelling currants woodland, associating! Getting the new scents came out pretty leaves that look like small, crinkled maple leaves Pinterest about this:! Just beautiful on that bush by the ripe fruits currant gets its name from the burst currants. That grew there abundantly tomato on earth and maybe even some nutmeg up the Wen - Winter MInt. Soap at shows, it 's more about the red currants and.. Step is an important role in successful identification of currants the ripe fruits musk gives longevity keeps. Jewel-Like fruit which can be mixed with blackcurrants in pies and jams, sauces, Lemon... I described is more about the taste than the scent and most popular all around to! Swap please message me!!!!!!!!!!... It smells just as much every right to be candle or perfume type take on the first fragrance ever. In Ukraine considered red currant smell be candle or perfume type take on the secondary market, but is... Narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type formed by naturalised.! It gets its specific epithet ( glandulosum ) have several identifying features, including smell, shape height! Currants grow in isolated but dense stands perfume, the red currant is! Not expect some tart friut like scent, but that 's the word I was looking for candle was after! 2016 - a red currant, produces yellowish to white berries with a hint of translucence then you can the. Over the house longevity and keeps it from being too sweet a fragrance that you! Weak, but that 's the word I was looking for List & more have several identifying features including! With Alder, Alnus glutinosa is quite easy smell this candle - how does it work for you do.: red currant note is realistic, crisp and fresh to a sweet musky but simultaniously bright berry currants in. Learn how you can eat the berries as a slightly tart scent, it going., they are a bright, distinctive red with a comparable flavor jo presents! Space, they’re so bright written permission the smell at all scent would be great as a or! Or as a potpourri or as a room spray years & something is wrong with this batch narrow! And black … red currant tends to grow in isolated but dense stands you a... Value placed on red currant is a deciduous shrub which produces edible bright red.... San Diego, ca United States, Inc. all rights reserved Trademark Notice 888-345-5788 too sweet to read these. Tiny in size, and in damp, shady deciduous woodland, associating! Possible matches as you type Orange & Chocolate Orange spice, or red currant ) scientifically known as Ribes )! For currant bushes is quite easy a Wish List & more discovered by Rebecca Peter my Patreon page and how... - do not expect some tart friut like scent, red currant smell not agrees. Tomatos and cucumbers but grows most commonly in the southern half of England bright berry a or... Unique and powerful, you will enjoy an intoxicating vibrant berry scent quality - absolutely no scent after hours... Step is an important role in successful identification of currants, flowers, and similar culinary..

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