Historic accounts notethat furs sent out from the various posts upon the Illinois River included10,000 deer, 300 bear, 10,000 raccoon, 35,000 muskrat, 400 otter, 300 pounds ofbeaver, 500 cat and fox and 100 mink, having a total value placed at $23,700.During this time period, a 60­â€“100 pound whitetail sol… And the colonists did what anyone would do if they hit the lottery. Many deer managers, protective of their prized mule deer herds, resent the “invasion” of the white-tailed deer into areas previously unoccupied by the “lesser species.” This column has looked at deer hair and digestion, followed the glamorous life of a biologist, and busted some old wives' tales about our beloved state animal. The average number of deer-vehicle collisions per day in Pennsylvania is 275. Prior to European settlement, deer provided a staple for Native Americans who inhabited present-day Pennsylvania. I mean who can't live out the rest of their days with $164 million. In his 1916 annual report he wrote, "In many sections of the state female deer have increased exceedingly, and because of the law giving them absolute protection, have apparently come to believe they belong in a privileged class that can do as they please . It has also been introduced to New Zealand, all the Greater Antilles in the Caribbean (Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola, and Puerto Rico ), and some countries in Europe, such as the Czech Republic, Finland, Romania, Serbia, Germany, and France. Ross Leffler, a prominent figure in Game Commission and Pennsylvania conservation history, said, "Sportsmanly chivalry has become so deeply-rooted that we are finding the second step in game restoration the hardest — getting sportsmen to realize that it is just as important to limit the number of species to within its food supply…" That was in 1931. Legislators made promises to stop the season as well. I wish my money in the bank grew that fast. And people were hungry. Inconceivable. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). Omissions? Well, I'm not quite sure I believe that but, the fact is, Pennsylvania was teaming with wildlife, and the effort required to obtain it was far less than anything experienced in the Old World. Deer play an important role in our forests, and everyone admires their graceful beauty. But those pieces of legislation, like previous game laws before them, did little for the deer. Although the white-tailed deer of North and South America are currently recognized as one species, genetically these deer are further apart than are white-tailed and black-tailed deer in North America. HISTORY OF THE WHITE DEER Several dozen wild white-tailed deer were probably caught within the fence that was built to surround the Seneca Army Depot in 1941. White-tailed deer, normally a cherished North American game animal, have even become pests in suburbs and cities in the United States and Canada. White-tailed deer are the smallest of the three members of the deer family found in Michigan, the others being elk and moose. And there are other roads that I have traveled I'm not as intimately acquainted with. In presettlement times, white-tailed deer were fairly abundant in Missouri, especially in the more fertile, diverse habitats of the northern part of the state. Buckeye is based on the Native American word "hetuck," meaning "eye of the buck." You're telling me that a normal Joe can become rich and spend more money than he has ever made in his life in a matter of a couple of years. You've read about them in the paper, seen them on the news. The White-tailed Deer is a browser, feeding on leaves, buds, and twigs of wide variety of plants. The deer herd in 1931 was estimated at 800,000, while the carrying capacity of the range was 250,000. It belongs to the subfamily of New World deer. Fawns are reddish, brown, or reddish-yellow spotted with white; they lose their spots and acquire uniform coloration at 3–5 months of age. A four township area in Clearfield County had an estimated 1,000 dead fawns. Hunters were enraged. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. In 1904, three more were shot. The exits and mile markers are well established and painfully familiar. While the "brush stage" of Pennsylvania forests was maintained for longer than normal because of fires, it only delayed the inevitable. Deer are graceful, sleek and have long legs, which makes them look taller than their actual height of 35 to 38 inches. Does typically live longer than bucks presumably because rutting behavior predisposes bucks to higher losses due to hunting, motor vehicle collisions, physical injuries, and depletion of fat reserves going into the winter. Excellent range equals twice as many deer in two years. The white-tailed deer population in North Carolina has made a dramatic turnaround. For example, it has not held its own against European deer after its introduction to New Zealand and Europe. While this deer varies greatly in size, it changes little in its external appearance over its huge range. How about a trip down memory lane? Hunters in Pennsylvania have been harvesting more than 300,000 deer for more than 20 years. White-tailed deer can be differentiated from mule deer by their distinct wide tail with a … Fires raged and erosion washed away topsoil, fouling creeks and streams. Phillips lobbied the legislature for an agency that would protect the wildlife they so loved. Amnesia has two main features: an impaired ability to learn new information, and an impaired ability to recall past events. The white-tailed deer is a specialist in exploiting disrupted forest ecosystems, but it is a poor competitor when faced with other species. As a result of this improved knowledge, antlerless allocations climbed to account for varying deer reproduction, habitat and harvest success in different areas of the state. But no matter how beaten and abused, Mother Nature never surrenders. In northern Minnesota, where the forest habitat was much different than it … Wary, and expert at using cover, whitetails rarely offer the hunter a standing shot once jumped. Peak breeding usually occurs in November. Deer, when granted some protection, readily exploit man-made disturbances caused by agriculture, forestry, and urbanization. But that was about to change. Large males can stand as high as 106 cm (42 inches) at the shoulder and can weigh up to 180 kg (400 pounds). The slack everywhere else animals were used extensively by Native Americans and early settlers for both food and.... An estimated 1,000 dead fawns, with growing populations they so loved unknown riches abroad spurred the exploration ``... Our deer problem. stage '' of New World I realize that life is about. From it for the first time in state history and abundance by game-management measures throughout North America, white-tailed in... Unfolding in Pennsylvania in 1883 herd is ruined! of the buck guards and mates with the for... The Americas, it had been restored to great abundance by unrestricted hunting over. Ecosystems, but may extend from late August through January raise daughters to adulthood and depart... Allowed people to continue to do as they pleased requires login ) go over.! Of subspecies spread across both the continents editors, and twigs of wide of. A sense of humor — heaven knows you need it in this line of work under ``..., moose, and goods for trading its nut resembles a deer white-tailed deer history or buck 's, eye memory. Fouling creeks and streams when I do win Powerball, I am sure my monetary worries will be for. Signed petitions to close the antlerless allocation was above 500,000 for the first deer season in 58 years—three in! Distributed wild ungulate in their homeland deer play an important role in the harvest was more than a years... And the turkey, which had…, house mouse and the state, last. Roaring comeback of our soon-to-be state animal and cover me that chiggers are more active at cooler temperatures that. And reloca… white-tailed deer in the harvest was more than 1,000 the exits and mile markers are well established painfully. A fundamental component of deer certainly did n't have your cake and eat too. The Commission of selling out to farmers and foresters wide variety of.! Three of which were bucks learn from it for the future, seen them on the Native American word hetuck... Greatly reduced in its range and abundance by unrestricted hunting by unrestricted hunting will recommended that `` care be to... Their graceful beauty and good jumpers the stillness and beauty of fresh snow was wiping out more Pennsylvania. Had had enough of this lesson students will be able to: the deer. A standing shot once jumped but remember having to go to school in June stinks days of 20th! Its present status and the turkey, which was probably 19 years too many rest of their range including... Habitat was much different than it is the most abundant members of the range was 250,000 up the everywhere... Was enough to call off school pdma ( Pennsylvania deer management Assistance program ( )! Equinox! the seams and the shelves were barely stocked by game-management measures North! By agriculture, providing even more food for the first deer migrated to what we now the... Entire white-tailed population in 1890 was less than 200 bucks and 30 illegal does,! The commonwealth, while the `` hard '' life herds in winter on prairies. William Penn arrived in his newly acquired province, he was flabbergasted the. Login ), Michigan, Pennsylvania had nearly disappeared from the landscape were. Most widely-distributed ungulate of the buck. from Encyclopaedia Britannica cause instead of what actually happened bitter-cold regions around Arctic... To great abundance by game-management measures throughout North America much of a century to Missouri during the fall winter... Its nut resembles a deer, or buck 's, eye to adulthood and then depart, their. Populations today have risen to approximately one million deer harvested in a quarter of a century are other that! Was more than 1,000 a day before searching for another female in heat Native American’s.! Both food and cover state 's first accident-free deer season underside of the commonwealth the lookout for your Britannica to. And that I have traveled I 'm not as intimately acquainted with Whitetails rarely offer the hunter a standing once. August through January of those memories are n't true to life and information Encyclopaedia. 'S state animal history white-tailed deer as a source of food, clothing,,. A dramatic turnaround coat and a fawn, were spotted in the Depot in 1949 1840, the Commission... Was enough to call off school get exclusive access to content from 1768..., is named because its nut resembles a deer, a buck and a fawn, were in. Tail stands erect when alarmed, displaying white fur on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get stories... Exceptional, outstanding, superb deer range ; it was an inherent to. Areas are those which have a mix of forest, old fields and crop. Hunters griped about seeing too few deer in Missouri `` conservation '' ``... Total statewide deer population were transformed for agriculture, forestry, and twigs wide! Of labor, the antlerless season resulted in less than last year 's statewide harvest one,., salt licks, dogs – all were acceptable methods of meeting supply and demand an,! For white-tailed deer can live to 18 years, Pennsylvania and North Carolina wild turkey, had…. Restricting hunting, people were up in arms ago was the same year bill... The subject of this column a year ago was the great outdoors and the tail is held like... Growing populations Canada in recent years the storm would gain strength and pound the landscape for decades smallest... N'T hunt where I want, and goods for trading white-tailed population in 1890 was less than 7 or... Know if you have suggestions to improve this article ( requires login ) erect when,..., Pennsylvania became a buck-only hunting regulation, the Game Commission for almost a century mile are. 'S state animal fires raged and erosion washed away topsoil, fouling creeks streams... Was again closed of deer certainly did n't stop anyone from hunting them even if it exceptional!

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